UIS 9000 Blade HCI

UIS 9000 Blade HCI



The UIS 9000 Blade HCI (Hyper Converged Infrastructure) is H3C’s next-generation HCI solution. It comes pre-installed with our industry-leading UIS Hyper Converged 6.5 software, enabling the easy integration of six key IT functionalities – computing, storage, networking, security, operational monitoring & maintenance, and cloud platforms. This solution instantly enables cloud services and allows users to build a cloud computing environment in 30 minutes, and create a super-simplified hardware infrastructure platform for servers and switches, as well as a resource pool for a unified, software-defined data center.
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The UIS 9000 HCI supports unified monitoring and management of physical hardware, virtualized computing, storage, and network resources via a very simple interface. The result is an outstanding infrastructure platform that allows fast and flexible deployment and lower TCO.


Features H3C UIS 9000 HCI
Dimensions (L*W*H)mm : 898*447*530(12U)
Maximum Slot Support Half-width single-height: 16
Full-width single-height: 8
Single-width full-height: 8
Full-width full-height: 4
UIS Management Modules Maximum support 2 UISM modules
LCD Modules 1
Management Modules 2
Interconnect Modules 6
Fan Modules 12
Power Modules 6
Input Voltage 110V/220AC/240HVDC
Operating Temperature 5-40˚C
Relative Humidity (non condensing) Operating: 8~90%RH Non-operating: 5~95%RH
Altitude <=5000M