TOAD for SQL Server

TOAD for SQL Server



Toad for SQL Server solves the unique challenges faced by SQL Server professionals. It combines comprehensive automation of development and administrative tasks with the deepest functionality available. By providing a range of specialized editions built for your job function, Toad for SQL Server allows you to achieve the highest levels of application and database performance while making your life easier.
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Increased for SQL Server development and administration.


  • Compare and synchronize schema and table data
  • Execute SQL scripts against multiple SQL Server instances
  • Roll back transactions from SQL Server transaction logs
  • Manage SQL Server agent jobs
  • Optimize SQL to improve application performance


  • Automates routine tasks so you can focus on higher value projects
  • Compares and synchronizes SQL Server schemas, objects and data
  • Accelerates SQL and T-SQL development
  • Automates SQL performance tuning
  • Connects to SQL Azure and uses the same Toad features, as if it were an on-premises SQL Server database


  • Group execute — Execute SQL scripts across multiple SQL Server instances. This streamlines administration and development requirements for implementing database changes in a wholesale manner.
  • Compare and synchronize — Perform data, schema and server comparisons with a few simple clicks. View comparison results and generate the change scripts needed to update the target environment. Scripts can be run interactively or easily scheduled via Toad’s advanced Job Management interface.
  • Transaction log reader — Recover schema and data from online transaction logs and backup files. Easily review and recover from operations like altered stored procedures, truncated data or inserts, updates and deletes.
  • Job management — Manage SQL Server jobs and Windows tasks simultaneously through a calendar-style viewer for one or multiple servers.
  • SQL Optimizer — Identify potential performance issues, automate SQL optimization and generate the bestperforming SQL alternatives. Also, utilize index optimization and planchange analysis.
  • SQL Script Recall — Reference all SQL statements executed against the database environment, as they are all saved automatically. These statements can be searched, recalled and saved, allowing you to quickly locate statements for review and long-term use.
  • Debugger — Perform advanced SQL and T-SQL script debugging. You can quickly analyze and debug code in order to set breakpoints, debug nested calls, and monitor local, global and custom variables and expressions.
  • Automation — Automate and schedule routine and redundant tasks to save time and allow you to focus on higher value tasks.
  • Version control — Integrate object-level version control support for Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual SourceSafe, Concurrent Versions System (CVS) and Subversion.
  • Maintenance plan designer — Use a familiar and intuitive interface for designing and maintaining your SQL Server maintenance plans. Maintenance plan backup tasks support LiteSpeed for SQL Server.
  • Community involvement — Gain online community-based expertise and support through Toad World to help you build, manage and better understand your SQL Server environments so you can get the most out of them.