The Toad Edge™ database development toolset represents the next generation of Toad® tooling — lightweight, flexible and extensible — simplifying development and administration for MySQL and PostgreSQL. Whether you run your databases on-premises or in the cloud, and use Windows or MacOS X desktops, the short learning curve of Toad Edge allows you to ramp up your PostgreSQL or MySQL expertise quickly using the intuitive Toad interface. In addition, the Toad Edge tool works with DevOps workflows, providing a Jenkins plug-in supporting continuous database integration. Toad Edge supports your organization’s commitment to open-source RDBMS with a proven commercial toolset to help deliver quicker time to value. You’ll spend less time and effort developing, managing and maintaining your database environment with simplified, automated processes and reduced risk that’s often associated with database changes.
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Simplified database development tool for


  • View, explore and edit your database schema, objects and properties
  •  View and manage your database users and privileges.
  • Write complex SQL code comfortably in a SQL worksheet.
  • Compare and synchronize databases using schema compare.
  • Synchronize to your file systems to make it easy to work with your version control.
  • Work more easily with JSON data types using the JSON editor.
  • View running SQL and other attributes with the session browser.


  • Simplifies OSDBMS databases
  • Shortens the learning curve by providing a lightweight, easyto-use and intuitive IDE
  • Offers OS flexibility by providing a desktop toolset that runs on Windows and Mac OS X
  • Provides greater platform choice with less risk
  • Helps ensure code quality and maintainability
  • Supports DevOps workflows with a Jenkins continuous integration plug-in


  • Easy to implement — Offers an easy-to-use Toad interface, shortening your learning curve and reducing risk.
  • OS flexibility — Supports both Windows and Mac operating systems, giving you greater choice.
  • Database and cloud flexibility — Expands database possibilities to include open-source, on-site or cloud-based databases such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Enterprise DB Advanced Server, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Enterprise technical support — Provides award-winning technical support as well as self-help tools to enable you to solve problems quickly and independently, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Object and user management — Enables easy management and editing of database objects and management of user privileges.
  • SQL worksheet — Provides an environment for writing complex SQL code using a worksheet with content assist for faster, more streamlined development.
  • SQL query monitor — Displays currently running queries in real time and lets you copy the log or export the executed SQL script to a file for significant time savings.
  • Import or export data — Quickly imports data to tables from SQL files, CSV files or ZIP archives. Easily exports data from tables and allows you to set options such as destination, format, range of exported data and more.
  • Schema compare and sync Compares and synchronizes databases, generates change scripts for target and source databases, saves results and exports scripts to a SQL worksheet.
  • Database snapshot — Takes a snapshot of your database and compares and synchronizes it with the current state of an active database, or exports it to a file or SQL worksheet to reduce the risk of errors.
  • Advanced JSON editor — Streamlines editing of JSON scripts using an advanced editor to visualize script segments, navigate JSON scripts, or fix and discover errors.