RG-EG2100-P V2


RG-EG2100-P V2



RG-EG2100-P V2 is an All-in-One Smart Access Gateway with PoE switch integration, tailored by Ruijie Networks for commercial chain stores, chain hotels, SOHO offices and other SME scenarios. Built in Enterprise VPN with stateful firewall, flow control, L7 DPI, and PoE power supply function, RG-EG2100-P V2 can be centrally managed by Ruijie Cloud and Mobile App, and supports portal authentication, unique App cache acceleration and other enterprise-level functions.
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Model RG-EG2100-P v2
Hardware Specification
Fixed Ports 8 1000BASE-T ports (7x POE/POE+)
WAN Ports Upto 2
Performance & Feature
Performance 1000Mbps (1518 bytes)
450Mbps (512bytes)
70Mbps (64 bytes)
Concurrent Session 100,000
Recommended Concurrent User 300
App Caching Support
Cache Capacity 750MB
Cache Resources Android APK & Apple IOS
Application Visibility Support self-developed 43 types of applications / more than 120 application features, customizable protocol identification:   P2P: BitTorrent, eMule, Thunder, EDONKEY, FlashGet & etc.   Multimedia: YouTube, Facebook Video, WebEx Conference
& etc.   Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & etc.   VOIP/Chat: Skype, Viber, Google Hangout, Jabber, Facebook Messenger & etc.   Instant Messaging/Email: Gmail, MSN, QQ, YAHOO & etc.   Software Update:
Window, McAfee, Kaspersky, ESET & etc.   Cloud-based File Collaboration: GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud & etc.   Enterprise Application:HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Telnet, LOTUS-NOTES, SQL Server, Oracle, Mysql, HTTPS
& etc.

URL Filtering Support custom URLs Support remote HTTP automatic URL library upgrade Local log storage (NAT log, traffic log, URL log, etc.) Support storage on external log server
WAN Load Balancing Support (upto 2 WAN Port)
IPsec VPN Tunnel 16[1]
Network Security Anti-ARP Spoofing Defense against malicious attacks from internal and external networks Support secure address binding Block WAN Ping Prevent Port Scan Attack Prevent Fragmentation Attack Prevent ICMP Flood Attack Prevent Teardrop Attack Prevent
Ping of Death Attack Prevent Land Attack Prevent Smurf / Fraggle attack Prevent SYN Flood Attack