One Identity Safeguard

One Identity Safeguard



This innovative privileged access management solution – available as an easily deployed, hardened appliance – gives your organization a secure way to store, manage, record and analyze privileged access. It is an integrated solution that combines a secured and hardened password safe, and a session-management and -monitoring solution with threat detection and analytics. Safeguard detects and shuts down threats while satisfying your auditors and admins.
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Hackers want access to your privileged accounts, which provide unlimited access to your systems and data. In nearly every recent high-profile breach, lapses in security and user practices were exploited by hackers to get their hands on privileged account credentials. To prevent a breach and to limit the damage if one does occur, you need to have a privileged access management program that enables best practices so that your organization has a secure, efficient and compliant way to provide access and monitor privileged accounts.


One Identity Safeguard can reduce the stress and worry with your privileged accounts.


Quickly discover privileged accounts or systems on your network with host-, directory- and network-discovery options.


Privileged accounts are stored in a hardened appliance, which helps to enhance security and speed installation and ongoing management.


Record all session activity – down to the keystroke, mouse movement and windows viewed.


Traffic is monitored in real time either by humans or machines, so that appropriate actions can be executed automatically if a certain actions appear in the command line or on screen.


All activity is captured, indexed and stored in encrypted, time-stamped and cryptographically signed files for forensics and compliance purposes.


Activity can be viewed like a video and searched like a database. Search for specific events across sessions and watch the recording beginning from the exact location that the event occurred.


Uncover previously unknown threats from inside and outside of your organization by using user-behavior analytics technology.


Safeguard products

Safeguard for Privileged Passwords

Safeguard for Privileged Passwords automates, controls and secures the process of granting privileged credentials with role-based access management and automated workflows. The user-centered design of Safeguard for Privileged Passwords means a reduced learning curve. Plus, the solution enables you to manage passwords from anywhere and using nearly any device. The result is a solution that secures your enterprise and gives your privileged users a new level of freedom and functionality.

Key Features
  • Quick Discovery and onboarding of assets
  • Automated workflow engine
  • Approve passwords from anywhere
  • Full REST API
  • Free personal password vault for business users

Safeguard for Privileged Sessions

Safeguard for Privileged Sessions enables you to control, monitor and record privileged sessions of administrators, remote vendors and other high-risk users. Content of the recorded sessions is indexed to make searching for events and automatic reporting simple so you can easily meet your auditing and compliance requirements. In addition, Safeguard for Privileged Sessions serves as a proxy, and inspects the protocol traffic on the application level and can reject any traffic that violates the protocol – thus it is an effective shield against attacks.

Key Features
  • Full session audit, recording and replay
  • Real-time alerting and blocking
  • Initiate workflows or deploy in transparent mode with no changes to users
  • Full text search including Optical Character Recognition

Safeguard for Privileged Analytics

Safeguard for Privileged Analytics monitors questionable behaviors and uncovers previously unknown threats from inside and outside of your organization. By using user behavior analytics technology, Safeguard for Privileged Analytics detects anomalies and ranks them based on risk so you can prioritize and take appropriate action — and ultimately prevent data breaches.

Key Features
  • Pattern-free analysis to detect unknown bad behaviors
  • Full content analyzation, including screen content, issued commands and windows titles
  • Use keystroke dynamics and mouse movement analysis to help identify breaches
  • Reduce alert noise by categorizing alerts by risk and deviation levels