KACE Systems Deployment Appliance

KACE Systems Deployment Appliance



Whether you are onboarding a single endpoint or performing a mass deployment across your entire organization, the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance (SDA) saves you time and money by providing you with a flexible and effective OS imaging and software deployment tool.
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Automate the deployment of configuration files, user states and applications as an image to a single device or a complex, multiplatform environment simultaneously with the KACE SDA. Reduce the cost and complexity of endpoint imaging by simplifying deployments and automating initial installations, image deployment, provisioning and driver updates to onsite or remote endpoints while realizing full system implementation in less time.




Enables easy, centralized recovery, deployment and provisioning via an integrated web-based console.

Remote site management

Perform full deployments to remote sites using virtual remote appliances without dedicated hardware or staff.

Task engine

Control the order of deployment tasks, handle reboots seamlessly and ensure that the virtual appliance is updated in real time.

Multisystem deployment

Easily multicast and deploy images to multiple devices, greatly increasing the speed of large-scale software deployment while reducing network bandwidth consumption.

Customizable pre- and post-deployment configuration

Automates all deployment tasks, such as configuring RAID and BIOS, installing applications and deploying your own scripts.

Windows driver management

Automatically downloads the latest drivers by computer model and provides a driver harvesting tool to make working with drivers easy.

Remote systems repair and recovery

Recovers systems using native Windows and Mac tools, including native imaging software.

Windows user state management

Centrally captures, stores and deploys user-specific settings and files, enforces compliance by excluding files by type and location, and offers single-step offline migration.


Get a summary of all essential information on a single screen.


Automate the pre-/post-installation tasks through an easy-to-use interface.