KACE Systems Management Appliance’s Service Desk Feature – Sometimes Unheralded; Always Appreciated

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The Service Desk feature of KACE SMA is one of its most popular features, but sometimes goes unheralded. Having a service desk functionality within your endpoint management system is a no-brainer when it comes to keeping your entire environment unified and efficient.

The KACE SMA Service Desk feature is built to not only provide the traditional services desk features to allow help desk administrators to be efficient, but it provides a level of flexibility that allows for a greater level of customization, based on a particular organizations’ needs. Within the KACE SMA Service Desk, virtually any field or field value — from SLA’s to workflow and escalation rules to email notifications and queues — can be customized, and you can set up your own new fields. Users can also create processes for standard, repeatable tasks, such as new-employee onboarding, that include multiple interdependent activities that may have a preset sequence and require approvals at multiple levels. Once the process is created, multiple interdependent tickets are automatically created and assigned to appropriate personnel each time you run it.

The latest version of KACE SMA – version 9.0 – some critical functionality to the Service Desk feature that should be examined. These updates include:

  • New Service Desk Dashboard – See the best widgets, links and news feeds at a glance all together in one place.
  • Automated Service Desk ticketing now allows certain alerts to automatically create new Service Desk tickets.
  • Users can now approve or reject tickets right from email, eliminating the need to revisit the SMA interface.

The Service Desk functionality is something that experienced KACE users praise frequently, and is something that should not be overlooked when looking at a ful-function unified endpoint solution.

If you are relatively new to service desk applications, we encourage you to get started with our “10 Key Features you need in a Service Desk Solution” here.


The new KACE SMA Service Desk dashboard makes it easy to see critical information and serves as a foundation of an efficient and effective help desk.

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