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Legacy cybersecurity approaches fall short. They have you playing “threat roulette,” unable to stop hidden and unknown malware, and creating seams and blind spots in your visibility, protection and analysis. Moreover, they can be real budget-busters. Rising costs of conventional security, shrinking budgets and staff, as well as a limited availability of qualified personnel, all make it hard to keep up. And suddenly, with the disruption of the traditional office-centric workforce, the new normal is that everyone is remote and unsecure.


SonicWall believes there is a way forward. This e-book takes a closer look at how your organization is facing a cybersecurity business gap, and why you have a strategic imperative to bridge that gap with a new Boundless Cybersecurity model.


Today’s massively expanding distributed IT reality is fueled by:

  • The race to digitize
  • The proliferation of apps and devices
  • Componentized and virtualized capabilities
  • The pervasive cloud
  • Borderless organizations
  • Evolving regulatory compliance
  • Sensors everywhere


A new work reality has hit with deep and sudden impact, everyone is remote, everyone is mobile & everyone is less secure. We’re facing a cybersecurity business GAP :

  • Risk escalates with the explosion of exposure points and remote/mobile workers
  • Cost grows increasingly prohibitive and the shortage of trained personnel becomes more acute
  • Constrained resources simply can’t keep up



Citing the rapid emergence of IoT across multiple industries, Gartner states 5.8 billion endpoints will be in use in 2020. Predictions forecast up to over a trillion programmable endpoints over the next two decades. Our cybersecurity defenses are confronted with an explosion of endpoints.

  • Myriad endpoint devices
  • 4- and 5G mobile devices
  • Networking and security devices
  • Public and private cloud applications
  • Email
  • Wi-Fi
  • IoT devices
  • BYOD


Across all threat vectors, the array of threat types are also expanding, deepening and getting smarter. Never-before-seen variants are up 145% year-over-year. Organizations are seeing a 60% change in types of threats and 45% increase in the number and frequency of threats. Zero-day and other emerging threats are successfully bypassing traditional firewalls and sandboxes at an alarming rate.


We have to shift to a Boundless Cybersecurity Model, break free from untenable technology, staffing and economic constraints – and mobilize for the new business normal of a ‘boundless workforce’ – with a new paradigm that lets you:

    • Identify, authenticate, verify and safeguard known and unknown remote users and employees
    • Spot and prevent unknown, evasive threats in real time, blocking them until verdict
    • Protect all attack surfaces with seamless, multi-layered security coverage
    • Deliver security to users, devices, and data anywhere and everywhere
    • Provide security that is always on, learning and catching threats as they emerge and evolve
    • Leverage a real-time network of global cybersecurity intelligence, AI and machine learning
    • Connect and secure a boundless workforce across all environments to eliminate blind spots
    • Gain a unified view of risk, including prioritization and control across your entire organization and multiple generations of IT infrastructure
    • Increase visibility and control over dispersed remote, mobile and work-at-home employee systems and traffic
    • Integrate unified end-to-end visibility and control over technology, services and solutions to eliminate siloes
    • Establish a continuously adaptive security posture that dynamically molds to the changing needs of your business
    • Break free of conventional cost constraints with scalable TCO (total cost of ownership)
    • Make it cost-effective to protect your business, not just in procurement, but over the life of your solution
    • Lower overhead by reducing human intervention and easing use with intelligent automation and zero-touch deployment


Sonicwall Boundless Cybersecurity bridges the Cybersecurity GAP by leveraging our global threat intelligence, seamless real-time protection and scalable low TCO. SonicWall can bring you into the Boundless Cybersecurity era.


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