Campus Network & Super WiFi

Campus Network & Super WiFi Solutions


For network solution, we combine products from H3C, Ruijie & Altai to give customers the most optimum solution for their needs.


Campus Network


H3C Application-Driven Campus (AD-Campus) Solution combines VXLAN and the concept of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to create a new-generation flexible network infrastructure. The solution converts campus network from “user adapts to network” to “network adapts to users”, enabling users and devices to roam around campus seamlessly, while remaining consistent user experience and simplified network operation. It reduces complexity of network deployment and maintenance and meets the increased requirements of mobility and massive terminal access on campus network in digital transformation.


Features and Benefits :

  • Greater Business Agility
  • Consistent User Experience
  • Enhanced Credibility & Security
  • Simplified Deployment and O&M


AD-Campus solution provides three networking models based on different network sizes.

  • Single-Leaf model-For small and medium-sized networks, recommend Single-Leaf model to build cost-effective AD-Campus network.
  • Standard 3-tier model–For medium and large-sized networks, suggest Standard 3-tiermodel to build highly automated, extensible and intelligent networking.
  • Interconnection model – For multi-site networks, propose Interconnection model to ensure policy consistency.



H3C Intelligent Management Center


iMC (intelligent Management Center) is a comprehensive, modular platform with the flexibility and scalability to meet the network needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses as well as global enterprises. It consolidates a host of traditionally separate management tools, including those for managing the network infrastructure, its servicesand its users.


Based on years of accumulation and in-depth understanding of the network, iMC platform provides customerwith practical and easy to use network management functions. On the basis of centralized management of network resources, the topology, fault, performance, configuration, and security of H3C are realized. For the network with large number of equipment, wide distribution and relatively centralized, the iMC platform provides hierarchical management,which is conducive to the clear division of power management and load balancefor the whole network.


The management platform’s integrated toolset covers the entire network, from the data center to the edge, even if it is geographically dispersed. And it supports the management of all H3C networkequipment as well as over 8,000 third-party devices from multivendors. iMC provides visibility across entire networks, enabling complete management of resources, services, and users. The management platform unifies management of wired, wireless, physical, and virtual resources—and their users—leading to increased performance, enhanced security, and reduced infrastructure complexity and costs.


Hospitality & Indoor Wireless Solution


Everyday, hospitality providers are striving to create an ideal environment for the guests, such as creating a guest room that can make the businessmen to work as efficiently as in their office; a guest room that can make the travelers relax and enjoy the facilities as if they are staying at home. In order to keep the hotel ahead in the fierce competition, we have to find the way to enhance the guests’ loyalty and becoming return visitors. Everyday, Ruijie strive to help hotels, resorts and conference centers to extend the scope of services, enhance guest loyalty and improve operational efficiency.


Ruijie Hospitality Solution creates new business opportunities for hotels, resorts and convention centers. This solution assists them to provide the first class service for their guest and becomes more competitive in the market.

a.) Drive new revenue streams

   ■ Create new revenue by providing both indoor and outdoor full WiFi coverage in the hotel.

   ■ HSIA (High speed internet access) by using gigabit Ethernet connection to the guest rooms.

   ■ Wireless multimedia service to attract both highend business travelers and tourists.

b.)Improve guest loyalty by enhancing guest experience

   ■ Enhancing guest experience through Ubiquitous Wireless Access within the premises. For example, in the outdoor area and conference room.

   ■ HSIA within the guest room supporting various kinds of broadband applications and room services. Ruijie EasyGate Internet Security Gateway can identify and guarantee the bandwidth of business critical applications and user experience.

   ■ Ruijie i-Share Wireless Solution tackles WiFi coverage issue within the guest room. Guests can even watch online movie with their tablet in the balcony of guest room. This solution also supports painless WLAN maintenance and minimizes guest interruption.

c.) Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

   ■ Lower CAPEX: Ruijie i-Share Wireless Solution can minimize the number of APs for the WLAN implementation. Further, this solution can effectively reduce the deployment for the number of WLAN controller, PoE switches, cabling, etc.

   ■ Lower OPEX: Lower power consumption and maintenance costs due to less APs for the same WiFi coverage and switches with green design. Besides, Ruijie EasyGate Internet Security Gateway supports free life-time signature update.

d.)Hassle-free professional services

   ■ Ruijie Professional Service augments the implementation support services offered by your local SI.

   ■ Direct support to SI for Hotel based WiFi project.

   ■ Better IT support efficiency by round-the-clock proactive SMS alert function of Ruijie Smart Network Commander.

   ■ One-stop-solution from Ruijie to provide WAN/LAN/Wireless IP infrastructure.

e.) Enhance Staff Productivity and Guest Services

   ■ Both Ruijie’s wired and wireless solutions fully supporting the operation and administration (OA) network infrastructure and increase staff productivity.

   ■ Better customer satisfaction by proactive network management for increasing stability and reducing network outage.


For outdoor wireless solutions, especially for Wireless Broadband, Wireless Backhaul & Industrials, Altai Super WiFi is the best options.


Wireless Broadband


While the wireless broadband access business offers many benefits to ISPs and end-users, like fast deployment, reachability and more, it poses a constant trade-off between cost per end-user line vs. coverage. Although WiFi technology is considered as a low-cost per-line solution, since most current user devices are already WiFi enabled, coverage of large areas based on WiFi technology requires many access points, sites and backhaul infrastructure, which drives CAPEX and OPEX up to a point that makes the feasibility of WiFi-based broadband access questionable.

With Altai’s Super WiFi technology, embedded in its Super WiFi base stations, there no longer need be a trade-off between low cost per line and coverage. With smart antenna technology, Altai Super WiFi boosts the coverage and performance of any standard WiFi client.



  • Highest customer reach – through unparalleled coverage per base station and through the best NLOS client reachability
  • Lowest cost-per-line solution – making it feasible even for low average revenue per user (ARPU) customers
    • Highest capacity base stations – through 8×8 MIMO and Altai’s AirFi, enabling cost-effective, high-capacity (high ARPU) customer connectivity
  • Cost-effective solutions – for various area sizes and coverage needs, with the most comprehensive portfolio of base stations, access points, CPEs and backhaul alternatives
    • Fastest time to market – with fewer sites required and simple-to-install base stations
    • Lowest CAPEX – requiring the fewest base stations and base station sites per square kilometer
    • Lowest OPEX – mainly by reducing the number of sites to rent, maintain and connect per square kilometer


Wireless backhaul


Wireless backhaul is an essential component in building a broadband wireless network because an Internet outlet is not always available at the site where an access point is to be deployed. To lay an Internet outlet is not always possible, sometime it is cost prohibitive or it may take too long to deploy. Wireless backhaul is the best solution to solve these problems.

Altai understands the requirements of different deployment scenarios, ranging from carriers, WISPs, rural broadband, building-to-building connectivity to video surveillance etc. Based on the long and extensive experience in WiFi network deployments, Altai develops a full range of cost-effective and highly scalable wireless backhaul solutions to overcome these network challenges.



  • Long range – operational distances in excess of 80 km
  • High capacity – up to 280 Mbps throughput
  • High flexibility – configurable 4.9 to 6.0 GHz frequency band and configurable 5/10/20/40 MHz channel widths
  • Cost effective – “pay as you grow” software upgradeable capacity feature
  • High scalability – can be installed anywhere irrespective of network scale or geographical constraints
  • Reliable – advanced QoS support, reliable and robust design




Regardless of industry and services provided, businesses are always under pressure to improve services, quality and cost-efficiency while staying flexible to meet changing market demands. Altai’s technology was designed to overcome the inherent limitations of WiFi, and hence enables WiFi to cover large outdoor and indoor spaces with high capacity and reliable connectivity. Embedded with smart antenna technology in its Super WiFi base stations, Altai Super WiFi offers much better coverage and stability wireless connectivity in industrial environments where a lot of large structures and metal objects are common. Over the years, Altai has gathered a lot of experience in various industrial applications such as logistics centers, campuses, hotels, exhibition halls, manufacturing plants etc.

Altai’s products are built to withstand harsh environments, thus making them the best choice for different industries. It comes as no surprise that Altai is the world’s number one WiFi solution provider for port with worldwide deployment at over 180 container ports and airports.



  • The multi-beam antennas of Altai Super WiFi base station provides up to 5X the range and 10X the per site coverage as standard access point
  • Using up to 80% fewer access points than standard WiFi systems to cover the same area enables less complex network design
  • Faster time to market and lower CAPEX and OPEX through fewer sites required and simple to install base stations and access points
  • Double the effective capacity per WiFi channel by optimizing each client’s throughput based on its signal strength and traffic using Altai AirFi.
  • Highly flexible network management solution for operators to opt for a controller-based solution or AltaiCare, a cloud-based platform for AP and network management