The New Front in Hospitals’ Battle Against COVID-19: Ransomware

by Amber Wolff In 2016, hackers attacked Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles. While systems critical to patient care weren’t affected, for two weeks, employees were locked out of email and other forms of electronic communications. Ultimately, hospital administrators decided that the most cost-effective way to regain control was to pay the $17,000 ransom. Last year, a […]

How to Simplify Endpoint Security

by Vishnu Chandra Pandey As an extension of our last blog on evaluating endpoint protection solutions, I would like to talk about how SonicWall Capture Client can deliver advanced endpoint security that meets the needs of both your organization and the users with the endpoints. Managing endpoints and securing them across various environments is a well-known challenge for SecOps professionals. If […]

SharePlex! “Who’s on First?”

Mike.Shurtz We all remember Abbott and Costello’s skit “Who’s On First?”. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you pop over to YouTube and give it a watch. It has become one of the legendary classic comedies of all times, with Costello not knowing baseball players’ names or positions. When it comes to comedy […]

Monitor DB Performance in Cloud and on Premises While WFH

How is your database performance holding up in the midst of all the #WorkingFromHome (WFH)? Are you relying on database monitoring more than before COVID-19? Less? About the same? It’s not so hard to combine database monitoring with keeping social distance, of course. You’ve probably been monitoring your company’s databases remotely for ages, to check on […]

Why you need virtual capacity lifecycle management

Danalynne.Menegus   The need for virtual capacity management is on the rise.  In Gartner’s ‘Market Guide for Capacity Management Tools’ report, published on January 30, 2015, it states “Through 2018, more than 30 percent of enterprises will use IT infrastructure capacity management tools for their critical infrastructures to gain competitive advantage, up from less than five percent […]