Do We Still Need Wi-Fi in the 5G Era?

5G has become a global hot spot, but currently mobile phones, notebook computers, and various household devices still connect to Wi-Fi networks. Do we really need Wi-Fi when 5G is to be launched for commercial use? Will 5G take away market shares of Wi-Fi? Can any Wi-Fi feature make Wi-Fi irreplaceable by 5G? Vice general […]

The Digital Brain Project Leads the Digital Transformation of H3C

Data Brief Fruitful results delivered in 200+ transformation-oriented projects 30%–40% increase in the efficiency of key business lines 30% annual rise in empowered business Related Products: information security, cloud computing, big data, IoT and AI Related Solutions: information security, cloud computing, big data, IoT, intelligent connectivity, transportation, manufacturing, the Internet, campus epidemic prevention and control The digital […]

H3C Achieves New Goals with High-end Core Routers

Recently, In China Telecom’s Bid for Centralized Procurement of Core Routing and Switching Equipment (2019), H3C’s CR16000-F high-end router won the Largest share in the bid stage for centralized procurement of multi-service edge (MSE) routers, and the CR19000 series core router is selected as a finalist in the bid stage for centralized procurement of core […]

H3C Drives Market Development in Indonesia for Faster Global Coverage

As industries evolve at an unprecedented speed, the digital economy has played a crucial role in promoting global economic and social development. Seizing the opportunities of the era of digital economy, many countries are actively driving digital transformation. [Jakarta, Indonesia, October 29, 2019], H3C hosted an Indonesian Partner Event with the theme “Digital Navigation, Smart […]