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This video surveys the most popular features that are compatible with Oracle in EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Join Gary Carter, Director of Field Marketing as he describes how each feature helps reduce Technical, Training or Integration risks when adopting the EDB Postgres Platform to transform database infrastructures and cost structures.

How to prevent security breaches in your retail network

In today’s era of multi-vector attacks, IT security in retail requires a new approach to security. In addition to protecting the perimeter, smart IT managers have begun to adopt a multilayer security blueprint to detect anomalies and intrusions inside the network. This paper describes the multi-vector nature common to most high-profile security breaches in retail […]

Hacker Craft – Avoiding the breach

  You will see what the bad guys are up to today and then get a crash course in network security policy management and architecture design to help you avoid security breaches of tomorrow. What you will learn Listen in to discover more about: The 2016 threat landscape in review Fortifying your network Security craftsmanship […]

5 Administrative Tasks Made Easy with IT Security Search

Recovery Manager for Active Directory (AD), InTrust, Enterprise Reporter for AD and Change Auditor for AD can enhance your ability to meet security and compliance requirements, and, more importantly, stay secure against both internal and external threats to your Windows environment. But we know that administrators wear many hats, and administrative tasks can eat up […]